The Grind/Noise Mixtape with Diploid From Melt-Banana to Godspeed...

Diploid’s latest album, Everything Went Redhas a rather fitting title. For me, the listening experience triggers images of gore, flames or a dark red storm.

The Melbourne DIY 3-piece continue to make waves in Australia’s underground scene with blistering, raw, blackened grindcore that blends harsh-noise textures and exudes the emotion of post-hardcore. Cruel abrasion is met with chilling atmosphere – coming together to create one of the most confronting, exhilarating and freaky heavy music releases of the year.

When I spoke with the band, I found them all incredibly nice and have excellent taste – and I managed to score a daringly heavy playlist from bassist Reece Prain that is sure to be a test of will:



  1. Hatred Surge – Dark Circles
    • “The vocals and riffs from Hatred Surge are a big influence for Diploid”
  2. The Body – The Myth Arc
    • Best track from their great record ‘No One Deserves Happiness’
  3. Godspeed You! Black Emperor, – Dead Flag Blues
    • “It’s the first track I heard from Godspeed, and a great opener for their album F#A#∞”
  4. Krimewatch – 小便 たれ”
    • “A great opener to a great demo
  5. Whitehorse – Time Worn Regression
    • I’ve been a fan of Whitehorse since I was in high school. Progression is a great album and this track is sick!”
  6. Suffer – Drown
    • “Suffer was an amazing Aussie PV band, this song is heavy as”
  7. Emperor – I Am The Black Wizards
    • “It’s a great track from a great album, I only heard this album for the first time a few months ago”
  8. Masonna – Wonderwall
    • “I recently stumbled across, while it’s no live performance, it’s still intense”
  9. Stallagh – Pure Misanthropy
    • This is actually an album, but it’s nuts”
  10. Melt-Banana – Candy Gun
    • “Opener to their album Fetch, I’ve been able to see this band 3 times, all while I was visiting Tokyo
  11. Infinite Void – Face In The Window
    • This (to my knowledge) was the last release from this band. It’s a banger”
  12. Rort – Disgust
    • “Hekkez track from Rort from their only album Warpath, I missed their final show, but I was lucky enough to see them many many times
  13. Ground Zero – Consume Red
    • “This is a one hour long track. Listen to it
  14. Sunshine Ward – Order
    • “Great D-beat hardcore from a newish band from the USA”
  15. Iron Lung – Sexless/No Sex
    • A great PV/Hardcore track – Iron Lung are a repeated influence in regards to the PV/hardcore side of Diploid”
  16. Halt Ever – Therapy
    • This is a track from an old band from Melbourne, I think it’s a demo track. It’s chill as.”
  17. M.I.A – Bad Girls
    • I hated this song when I first heard it years ago, I rediscovered it recently and listen to it waaayyy to much now”.

Diploid are bringing their unparalleled live show across Australia this December:

Diploid ‘Everything Went Red’ launch tour

30/11/17 – Adelaide – Hotel Metropolin – 18+

02/12/17 – Melbourne – The Old Bar – 18+

07/12/17 – Newcastle – Hamilton Station Hotel – 18+

08/12/17 – Sydney – The Hideaway Bar – 18+

09/12/17 – Sydney – 21 Maude Lane, Marrickville – AA

10/12/17 – Wollongong – Urge Records – 18+

11/12/17 – Melbourne – The Yarra Hotel – 18+ (as noise act ‘All Cats Go To Heaven)

Reece and vocalist Mariam Benjemaa have also just launched their own record label named Cat Fight Records, which you ought to check out if you love your underground scene.

Written by Max Jacobson

Diploid’s Everything Went Red is out now on Art As Catharsis, Cat Fight Records and Black Wire Records.

“The new record from Melbourne trio, Diploid, is a wild, psychologically destroying, experimental mixture of noise, hardcore, skramz, power-violence and more” – KillYourStereo

“if Everything Went Red is one thing, it is a testament to the magic that can come from just saying “fuck it” and letting songs just be what they are, regardless of whether or not they stick to any expectations for the band” – Heavy Blog is Heavy

“Diploid knows what it is they’re doing, and they’re probably one of the best bands who do it” – Overdrive


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