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Kurushimi's deconstructionist noise-jazz

Kurushimi’s deconstructionist noise-jazz

The mysterious collective Kurushimi take listeners through a dark and deranged sonic journey on their Art As Catharsis debut. Featuring members of Serious Beak, Instrumental (adj.), SEIMS and Fat Guy...
Experimental noise from Lost Salt Blood Purges

Experimental noise from Lost Salt Blood Purges

Introducing ‘Only the Youngest Grave’, a double album from Melbourne experimental artist Lost Salt Blood Purges (Michael Snoxall). Lost Salt Blood Purges explores the disparity of melody and dissonance and...
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Video: Adrift for Days working on a new album

Video: Adrift for Days working on a new album

Sydney’s Adrift for Days are back in the studio recording the follow up to their psychedelic doom epic ‘Come Midnight…’ Here’s a sneak peek at guitar tracking:   The album is expected to drop late 2016 through Art As Catharsis. Stay tuned!
Hinterlandt's Ensemble out now

Hinterlandt’s Ensemble out now

We’re proud to announce the Australian release of Hinterlandt’s Ensemble. Hinterlandt – Ensemble While Hinterlandt has previously been the moniker for the sonic explorations of the solo artist Jochen Gutsch, the group has recently been reborn as a four-piece ensemble. On this, their debut album, the Sydney-based ensemble explore their own conception of contemporary chamber...
Bambino dell'Oro - Los Belvos

Bambino dell’Oro – Los Belvos

We’re proud to announce the Australian release of Bambino dell’Oro’s ‘Los Belvos’. Los Belvos by Bambino dell'Oro Bambino dell’Oro are a piano and drums duo who deliver lush, experimental, jazz-inflected melodic pieces replete with groove freakery for fans of The Bad Plus, The Cinematic Orchestra and Penguin Cafe Orchestra. The duo are known for the...
Space Bong's doom monolith Deadwood To Worms

Space Bong’s doom monolith Deadwood To Worms

After many years of rehab, isolation and living off-grid, the lumbering doom/drone beast of Space Bong has awakened to unleash their long awaited follow up to 2009’s ‘The Death of Utopia’. ‘Deadwood To Worms’ showcases the evolution of Space Bong’s intense and focused form of doom, incorporating elements of sludge, black metal, stoner rock and...
Gvrlls' Protect Us From The Ones We Love

Gvrlls’ Protect Us From The Ones We Love

On their highly anticipated debut EP, ‘Protect Us From The Ones We Love’, Gvrlls batter listeners with a style of raw post-hardcore that draws as much from the chaos of The Dillinger Escape Plan as it does the oppressive atmosphere of Neurosis. This is forward-thinking heavy music that radiates raw, cathartic intensity. Fans of Gaza,...
Introducing Instrumental (adj.)

Introducing Instrumental (adj.)

Instrumental (adj.) have announced their debut album, ‘A Series of Disagreements’, and dropped their first single on Art As Catharsis. A Series Of Disagreements by Instrumental (adj.) Australia truly is a hotbed for innovative underground music. The latest proof of this point is the new Sydney trio Instrumental (adj.). Featuring members of The Helix Nebula,...
Facemeat's Questions For Men out now

Facemeat’s Questions For Men out now

Fresh from a successful run of shows at the 2015 Adelaide Fringe Festival, 7-piece, Sydney-based group Facemeat have launched their new album Questions For Men. Questions For Men by Facemeat Conceived in late 2013 and inspired by the likes of Frank Zappa and John Zorn, Facemeat’s roots lay somewhere near the transgressive art tradition. “Questions...
Drowning Horse announce Sheltering Sky Australian tour

Drowning Horse announce Sheltering Sky Australian tour

Punishing Perth doom outfit Drowning Horse are proud to announce their first Australian Tour in support of their second album Sheltering Sky, presented by Art As Catharsis, FALSExIDOL Records and life is noise: Drowning Horse Sheltering Sky Australian tour October 30 –The Rosemount, Perth w/ Space Bong, Craig McElhinney and Alzabo October 31 – Mojos, Fremantle...
Serious Beak's Ankaa out now

Serious Beak’s Ankaa out now

Serious Beak are back with ‘Ankaa’; 35 minutes of mind-melting, psychedelic prog glory. Featuring complex arrangements, plentiful polyrhythms, and a psychedelic edge, ‘Ankaa’ both expands and refines the style Serious Beak established on their acclaimed debut album ‘Huxwhukw’. Tim Carr (We Lost The Sea, Adrift For days)  returned to record and mix the new album,...
Drowning Horse announce Sheltering Sky

Drowning Horse announce Sheltering Sky

Perth doom/drone outfit Drowning Horse have announced their new album, Sheltering Sky. The single, ‘The Barrow Stones’, is out now. Sheltering Sky by Drowning Horse Channeling the monumental heft of Neurosis and the reflective meditations of Earth, Perth’s Drowning Horse are the sound of the ground ripping apart and the aftermath that follows catastrophe. With...
The new album from Dumbsaint

The new album from Dumbsaint

Today marks the release of Dumbsaint’s new Panorama, in ten pieces.  Their long awaited follow up to 2012′s Something That You Feel Will Find Its Own Form is out now on LP, CD and digital formats through Bird’s Robe Records and Art As Catharsis Records, with a limited Listen / download / buy Containing 55 minutes of Dumbsaint’s darkest,...