Our 2017 label sampler Relive the magic of AAC 2k17

It’s been a huge year for our humble little label. Relieve the magic with our free 2017 label sampler – featuring the best from the Australian (and New Zealand) underground.

We’ve got psychedelic world music, improvised math rock, a chamber indie quartet, doom, drone, experimental death metal, neo-classical cello loops, jazz, post-metal, post-rock, post-hardcore, noise, dark ambient, powerviolence and who knows what else?

Thank you to everyone who supports us, and the amazing artists from the Australian underground. Your love really does keep us going.

And thank you to the amazing bands who have worked with us this year! Adrift for Days, Bolt Gun, CASCADES, Convulsing, Diploid, Ground Patrol, Hinterlandt, Into Orbit, Kurushimi, Milton Man Gogh, Omahara, Opium Eater, Plyers, raven, SEIMS, Slowly Building Weapons, Siberian Hell Sounds, Tired Minds, Trespasser and Zeitgeber.

We’ve got an even bigger year planned for 2018, so keep your eyes peeled!


– Lachlan, Art As Catharsis.

PS: Some legend has made a Spotify Playlist for our sampler.


1. Zeitgeber – Suprachiasmatic Nuclei (SCN)
2. Ground Patrol – DRIFT
3. Hinterlandt – Break A Leg
4. Adrift For Days – The Earth Begins To Shake
5. Milton Man Gogh – Fork (In A World Of Soup) [Single Edit]
6. Opium Eater – Babelsteps
7. raven – lockstep
8. Cascades – Cold Bloom
9. Diploid – Population Decline
10. Into Orbit – Caldera
11. SEIMS – Cyan
12. Plyers – Microwave
13. Convulsing – Engraved On Bleached Bone (excerpt)
14. Siberian Hell Sounds – The Breath Of The Beast (excerpt)
15. Slowly Building Weapons – Lyre Birds
16. Bolt Gun – Man Is Wolf To Man (Part 1) (excerpt)
17. Trespasser – Withered Hands
18. Tired Minds – Low
19. Kurushimi – Return 1: Kimon
20. Omahara – untitled

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