The Prog/Jazz Mixtape by SEIMS From Coltrane to Car Bomb

Get a glimpse into the minds of SEIMS with our first AAC mixtape; a series where our artists curate some of their favourite tracks from records that inspire them. 

One word that crosses my mind while listening to SEIMS’ music is ‘restraint’, because this is something that these guys display no concept of… in the best way possible.

Their latest album ‘3’ is a dense, meandering musical experience that showcases impeccable song-writing and virtuosity. Its as abstract and cacophonous as prog/math-rock can get, although with some resolve amongst the relentlessness. The group show off a strong melodic sensibility with crystal clear production to make this a pure sonic treat.

I asked SEIMS’ bass and synth player Simeon Bartholomew what the group had been listening to on their recent Japan Tour. Here’s what he came back with:


  1. And So I Watch You From Afar – Mullaly
  2. Wes Montgomery – 4 On 6
  3. Portico Quartet – Art In The Age Of Automation
  4. Less Art – Shapeshifter
  5. PVT – Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend
  6. Thundercat – Tokyo
  7. Outkast – B.O.B
  8. Car Bomb – Constant Sleep
  9. John Coltrane – Impressions
  10. Herbie Hancock – Drifting
  11. Miles Davis & Gil Evans – Aos Pez Da Cruz
  12. Kendrick Lamar – For Free?
  13. Barney McAll & Daniel Merriweather – Love Is The Blood
  14. Quincy Jones & Miles Davis – The Duke
  15. Aaron Choulai – Fatty hits Tokyo

Written by Max Jacobson


SEIMS’ 3 is available now on the Art As Catharsis Bandcamp, as well as Spotify and Apple Music.

“All that remains to us is to stand jaw agape at the band’s vitriolic, dynamic and downright groovy mix of math-rock, jazz and progressive rock.” – Heavy Blog is Heavy

“With so much going on it makes for an addictive listen and we have only gotten through the first nine minutes.” – Heavy Mag

Sim from SEIMS

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