The Classical/Pop Mixtape with Lack The Low From scores to indie-rock jams

Since ‘Art-pop’ is a divisive term (considering all pop music is art), Lack The Low challenges our expectations towards the sub-genre by pushing boundaries without sacrificing structure or accessibility.

Lack The Low’s approach to pop music comes from an intricately classical framework, while borrowing from all corners of experimental. The outsider influences are incorporated subtly, not to disturb the serenity of the tunes.

Her music is lush and grand as she toys with a wide sonic palette. Her emotive songwriting is carried by a potent backdrop while her voice cuts through these dense compositions like a knife. Her melodies are slick, direct and provide a sense of urgency that help the tracks feel comprehensive.

Kat Hunter, the brain behind the project, has provided us 12 tunes that centre around the same foundations of her music, despite coming from unique worlds.

But first, if you haven’t already, give Lack The Low’s album a spin:

Now, on to Kat Hunter’s Lack The Low Mixtape. You can spin it on Spotify here or work through the list below.

Here’s we go!

1. Maurice Duruflé – Prelude et Fugue sur le nom d’Alain Op. 7

“In case you didn’t already know it, organ music is sick. This piece Duruflé wrote for his friend who died in WWII. Super beautiful and moving.”

2. Erik Satie – Pièces Froides: Danses de Travers

“My favourite Satie (especially part ii), and played at a nice pace too in this version (it’s often played too fast imo). His harmonisations and key modulations are kind of all over the place but also actually just sublime.”

3. Nadia Sirota – Tooth and Nail (composed by Missy Mazzoli)

“A gnarly piece played so beautifully and vigorously (hear the breaths!)”

4. The Most Serene Republic – Why So Looking Back

“This album made a HUGE impression on me when it first came out. Still lovely”

5. Hidden Orchestra – Seven Hunters

“The way Joe Acheson combines field recordings, complex orchestrations and hip-hop influenced production techniques blows my mind.”

6. Utopia Soundtrack

“.”I love this TV series, and the soundtrack in particular is something I’ve kept coming back to as I’ve been learning more about electronic production over the last few years.”

7. These New Puritans – Hologram

“Just one of my favourite songs ever from one of my favourite bands ever.”

8. Cousin – Oversized Haulage

“It seems a strange thing to say for a band like this, but any one of the tracks on this record could make me bawl”

9. Male Bonding – Bones

“Male Bonding make perfect tracks for hazy vibes and long drives.”

10. Sleeping States – The Times I Have Fallen For You

“Hearing Sleeping States’ Exhibit J record many years ago (although unfortunately it’s not on youtube) really opened my mind in terms of what was possible with lo-fi, field recording, and a wonderful voice.”

11. Nearly Oratorio – Occlude

“How can something feel so intimate? So rough yet so clear? This is a paragon.”

12. Three Trapped Tigers – Creepies

“For scrunching your face up.”


And now, with these delightful references fully absorbed, we recommend you listen to Lack The Low’s new album on Art As Catharsis.

(Thank you to our resident legend Max Jacobson for pulling this together.)

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