Zeitgeber’s Heteronomy is out now Psychedelic and immersive world music

There is nothing quite like Zeitgeber.

Musically, Heteronomy is an exploration of psychedelic, ambient, world and electronic music. You’ll hear hints of Balkan and African rhythms, washes of reverb-soaked textures, and instrumentation as eclectic as a ‘caisa’ handpan, clarinet, didgeridoo, ‘sansula’ thumb piano, melodica, guitar and viola.

Conceptually the album is a homage to the hidden forces and environmental stimuli that regulate and modulate human behaviour and psychology – like a zeitgeber, a rhythmically occurring natural phenomenon which acts as a cue in the regulation of the body’s circadian rhythms.

The implication is that we are less in control of our body and mind than like to think.

Zeitgeber features members of Hashshashin, Squat Club, Sirens Big Band and Fat Yahoozah.

Heteronomy is a unique and engrossing listen that will please fans of Dawn Of Midi, Manu Delago’s Living Room, Portico Quartet, Estradasphere, and anyone interested in the fusion of music from across the globe.

Zeitgeber’s debut album Hetereonomy is available now on Art As Catharsis.

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