Hinterlandt’s Ode To Doubt Indie chamber music

Hinterlandt return with ‘Ode To Doubt’, an exploration of indie chamber music in seven movements.

The album alternates between alt-pop song-writing, contemporary chamber music and experimental sounds. Think Sufjan Stevens meets John Zorn’s Masada, or Owen Pallett mixed with Kronos Quarter and Tin Hat Trio.

Three movements feature vocals from Brian Campeau (solo artist, Green Mohair Suits, The Rescue Ships with Elana Stone) and Nicole Smede (The Proposition, Shipwrecked).

Music and words were written, arranged, recorded and mixed by Jochen Gutsch at the Hinterlab in Sydney. The album celebrates the notion of doubt as a healthy basis for critical thinking. Doubt is often associated with negative feelings such as a fear of the unknown. Ode to Doubt shows a lighter side of the same coin: doubt is portrayed as a state of openness for creativity, unusual ideas, individual agency, and social awareness.

On stage the music is presented in an all-acoustic listening atmosphere, taking audiences on a journey through refined compositions and subtle textures. Following an Australian-German tour in 2016, Hinterlandt kicks off 2017 with launch gigs at Alpha Gallery in Sydney, as well as two performances at Mona Foma Festival in Hobart.

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