Announcing NICEFEST 2018 In Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Announcing NICEFEST 2018: a showcase of progressive music from the Australian underground in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

“We want to provide a platform for bands who are doing something different,” says Art As Catharsis label manager Lachlan Dale.

“We don’t care if the style is experimental pop, acoustic folk, Persian classical or progressive metal. It’s about the attitude and the approach of the artist: are they trying new things? Creating new forms? Pushing boundaries?”

Come along with an open mind and discover some of the brilliant diversity of Australian underground music.


Saturday 24 March at Crowbar

– Dreamtime
– Instrumental (adj.) (NSW) – album launch
– Kodiak Empire
– Hashshashin (NSW) – album launch
– Big Dead
– Weightless In Orbit
– Requin

Doors 5pm. Entry $25. Tickets on sale now.


Saturday 7 April at Lazybones Lounge

– Brian Campeau – single launch
– Meniscus
– Instrumental (adj.) – album launch
– Hashshashin – album launch
– Hamed Sadeghi
– raven
– Comatone + Foley

Doors/restaurant 5pm. Entry $20. DJ Nothing ’til late’.

NICEFEST Melbourne

Saturday 28 April at Grace Darling

– Warpigs
– half/cut – single launch
– Kodiak Empire (QLD)
– Hashshashin (NSW) – album launch
– Lack The Low – single launch
– Cold Hands Warm Heart
– Badskin

Doors 5:30pm. Entry $25.

Artwork by Sam Harwood.



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